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Bridging Schools, Academics and Resources That Impact Communities

DC High School Alumni Association (DCHSAA) is organized for the purpose of enhancing the life of high schools in the District of Columbia.


DCHSAA envisions each entity being an inclusive, vibrant and resource-rich community with multiple pathways toward high-quality academic excellence. DCHSAA will work to develop integrated alumni support and expertise both internally and externally. By using best practices, DCHSAA will develop and provide strong and sustainable partnerships to mobilize communities.


DCHSAA's goals are to advance vibrant schools through excellent non-profit alumni association development and empowerment while investing resources to guide them towards excellence. Our work will be achieved through:

  • 1. Capacity building of school non-profit alumni associations to expand service delivery, increase resources and develop school/student relationships to promote positive change in students, their schools and their communities
  • 2. Advocacy in public policy that directly affects schools and communities
  • 3. Collaboration and networking to promote opportunities for non-profit associations to share expertise, skills and the implementation of successful student programs.

Values and Operating Principles

We are guided by the following values:

  • Empowerment through civic engagement
  • Flexibility
  • Inclusion and collaboration
  • Results-oriented leadership
  • Transparency and accountability
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